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With enhanced procedural efficiency, the versatile Bluewave Soft Tissue Diode Laser is ready for any restorative or periodontal indication and boasts 5W of power and three pre-programmed settings (debride, perio, and cut).

  • With its compact size and wireless foot pedal, the Bluewave offers true lightweight portability, while its robust lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows for over 3 hours of continuous use on every charge.

  • For increased accuracy, Bluewave’s unique blue guiding light produces higher contrast on oral tissues.

  • Saving both time and frustration, Bluewave's disposable tips (Regular 4mm, Perio 9mm) are designed for convenience and safety by eliminating the extra steps of stripping or cleaving fiber.

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"Diode lasers are powerful, fast, and convenient. Whether it be for direct or indirect restorative dentistry or as an adjunct to dental hygiene, a diode laser is a must for every restorative practice!"

- Ron Kaminer, DDS

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