Impression Material Dispensing –

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Cordless, effortless and portable, the PowerMix™ Automatic Impression Material Dispenser from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE delivers perfectly mixed, void-free material with the press of a button. With PowerMix, you can fill a full arch impression tray in just 10-15 seconds – no more hand pumping. The convenient PowerMix 120mL cartridge reduces plastic waste and residual impression material left behind. Lightweight, the PowerMix design has a small footprint stand for storage or direct dispensing.

Combine PowerMix with 3rd Generation Affinity™ Impression Material

Clinically proven for ultra-detailed accuracy, AffinityHydroactive Impression Material is available in PowerMix 120mL cartridges. Affinity Heavy Body provides ideal hydraulics for improved accuracy with full arch impressions, while Affinity InFlex, an ultra rigid tray material is designed specifically to prevent distortion with the dual-arch impression technique. Each 120mL PowerMix cartridge is enough for 3 full arch trays or 6-10 quadrant impression trays.

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Together, impression taking has never been more efficient or more accurate.

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